SAP Travel Management

SAP Travel Management accompanies all the processes involved in handling a trip. It provides integrated functions and links them to the settlement, taxation and payment processes. Travel management covers the request, planning and booking of trips, as well as the settlement of travel costs and the transfer of settlement results to other economic functional areas.

Due to possible connection to global booking system Amadeus, the system provides access to booking information, such as prices, availability other information about travel services. Travel Management is fully integrated with other SAP applications, especially HR and FI.

With a travel request the employee expresses the intention of undertaking a business trip and forward this, if necessary, to an internal travel center. You can use a travel plan to plan a trip in detail and to book the travel items. A travel plan can be created by both an internal travel center and the employee himself. The travel expense report presents a collection of all trip facts relevant to settlement. These form the basis for calculation of the trip reimbursement amounts according to the respective national law and for posting these in accounting. If amounts occur that are taxable, these can be transferred to HR Payroll.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing SAP® Travel Management

  1. It is an end-to-end solution requiring no development or additional interfaces.
  2. It is completely integrated with financials, human capital management, operations, workflow, and reporting features of the SAP® ERP application.
  3. It provides a global solution in local (country-specific) versions that help ensure international legal compliance.
  4. It dramatically reduces indirect costs by automating your processes and workflow.
  5. It helps ensure improved compliance with company travel policy and negotiated travel contracts.
  6. It strengthens your ability to negotiate prices and rates with travel providers through a unique user interface and advanced booking features.
  7. It consolidates bookings and provides a reliable analysis of travel information and costs through synchronization with SAP and reservation systems.
  8. Its functions are offered as an employee self-service, available 24x7, online and offline.
  9. Its efficient accounting cycles and up-to-date cost information result in better cash flow.
  10. It maximizes your SAP investment by increasing your return on investment.

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