SAP New general ledger: functionality and migration

Global economy and rapidly changing regulations have increased demands on general ledger accounting (parallel accounting based on different accounting principles: SRS, MSRP, US-GAAP; fast closing period-end activities; increased transparency; lower costs; closer connection between financial and management reporting; financial reporting according to different criterions, such as fund, industry, etc.). The new general ledger accounting software in mySAP ERP combines functions that were previously covered by several different SAP applications, and thus required periodic reconciliation. Transparency and audit are provided in order to meet external and internal financial reporting demands.

New general ledger in my SAP ERP is based on extended and unified data base. For instance company code, segment, profit center are included into individual line item, which can be extended with new fields. The functionality increases data quality, removes reconciliation procedures and enables faster period-end activities.

New general ledger contains splitting functionality. Take the example of a vendor invoice. You can assign profit centers to expense accounts manually, derive the assignment automatically, or make the assignment using a substitute cost center. Document splitting places these profit centers in the payables accounts of the invoice document. This function can help you create balance sheets for entities that extend beyond the scope of the company code. Typical examples include balance sheets at the segment or profit center level or balance sheets based on company-specific or a industry-specific entities.

Reporting based on different accounting principles is possible within new general ledger, without using special purpose ledger.

Implementing new general ledger is a project and technical migration of data from classic general ledger to new general ledger. To perform a switch between general ledgers the system must be upgraded onto mySAP ERP 6.0. The migration path to the new general ledger varies from customer to customer. To ensure a successful migration and keep your historical data intact, SAP has designed migration services to help guide you safely through the process. These risk-minimizing services are a required part of every migration project.

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