SAP NEURON is solution as for SAP add-on production monitoring and workplace management with WEB interface on Windows/Linux based TouchScreen terminals.

We move ERP border further close to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) where is reasonable!
Use the advantage of extended SAP ERPtoMES solution with all possibilities of online integration and production monitoring.


  • CheckIN/CheckOUT (1:1; 1:N; N:M, N:1) ... (to operation/to work center)
  • Actual timing for setup, work with structure of operation/routing definition
  • Yield (quantities)
  • Scrap(quantities, reason)
  • Breakdowns(start/stop/reason)
  • Flexible posting, confirmation, goods movement
  • Printing
  • Analytics by design


Daily overview (progress/productivity)
Operation/order list (quantities, status,...)

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