One of the greatest challenges companies face today is delivering a competitive return to shareholders. Supply chain management (SCM) has the potential to improve the three key drivers of financial performance - growth, profitability, and capital utilization (Rice & Hoppe, 2001).

Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) is the integrated approach to provide better visibility and control over all cash related processes for:

  • Better predictability of cash flow
  • Reduction of Working Capital & Operating Expenses
  • End-to-End Business Process Integration

Cash Conversion Cycle (C2C) a tool for working capital management


The cash conversion cycle represents the number of days it takes a company to purchase raw materials, convert them into finished goods, sell the finished product to a customer and receives payment from the customer/account debtor for the product.



A lower C2C suggests that a company is more efficient in managing its cash flows, because it turns its working capital over more times per year and generates more sales per euro invested.


FSCM provides enhanced Tools to Improve Cash Flow and Cash Management

  • Credit Management: Managing customer credit lines
  • Collections Management: Proactively collecting outstanding receivables
  • Dispute Management: Processing dispute cases
  • Cash and Liquidity Management: Efficiently managing and optimizing liquidity
  • In-House Cash: Centralizing intra-and intercompany payments
  • Treasury and Risk Management: Managing financial transactions and risks


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