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Without the proactive management of past-due accounts, cash flow can be constrained as companies struggle to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO). Yet efficient receivables management is critical to ensure timely payments and keep operating costs in check.


  • Prevent past-due accounts from obstructing your financial supply chain
  • Reduce inefficiency in the collections process
  • Increase the effectiveness of overburdened accounts receivable personnel Supported Business Processes and Software Functions
  • Proactive receivables management – Implement collection strategies that improve success rates by targeting the most critical past-due accounts
  • Prioritization of delinquent accounts – Generate daily work lists that focus collection specialists on top-priority past-due accounts
  • In-depth view of past-due accounts – Provide collection specialists with comprehensive information on each delinquent account and the specific actions to be taken
  • Collections monitoring – Gain the tools and information needed to ensure that collection efforts achieve company goals
  • Invoice dispute management – Quickly resolve invoice disputes
Supporting end-to-end process of receivable collection from creating a prioritized collection work list to documenting the history of each customer contact and promises to pay with following functionalities:
  • Creating Collection Work List
  • Preparing Customer Contacts
  • Documenting Customer Contacts
  • Defining Collection Strategies
  • Managing Collections
The application also lets you classify and manage each dispute case according to its current processing status and the reason for the dispute. Benefits:
  • Greater visibility: provides a centralized, role-based view to create, track & manage dispute cases. All related documents such as the accounting document are linked.
  • Faster resolution: Dispute cases can be forwarded to the right individuals for clarification leading to faster resolution.
  • Integrated: It is integrated with Accounts Receivable so that dispute cases are updated automatically.

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